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Why Reverse Flow?

Boss BBQ Smokers specalise in Reverse Flow Offset Smokers.  Reverse Flow allows for more consistent cooking and more consistent results!

The obvious differences between a regular offset smoker and a reverse flow smoker is where is chimney/smoke stack is.  A regular offset has it's chimney on the opposing side of the firebox, whereas a reverse flow's chimney is on the same side as the firebox.

In a reverse flow smoker, the smoke and heat is forced under tuning plates (or baffles), then back over the meat and out the chimney.  A regular offset smoke and heat travels directly from the firebox towards the chimney, which can create cold spots in the pit.

Benefits of Reverse Flow

  • Creates an even cooking temperature throughout the cooking chamber, with little to no cold spots.

  • Consistent smoke distribution.

  • Prevents harsh heat overcooking meat closest to firebox.

  • Stops temperature spikes when adding more fuel to to fire.

  • Quicker return to temperature after chamber door has been opened.

The additional benefits of a BOSS Reverse Flow is that our tuning plates act at the baffle.  This means that aside from being able to remove them for cleaning, you can shift the plates around to customise your smoke and heat control.  Most reverse flow smokers have welded in baffles, which prevent easy cleaning and more control of your cook.

Boss Reverse Flow Diagram.jpg
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