The ULTIMATE gift to give!  This Mega Gift Pack contains a selection of 12 uniquely made Rubs and Sauces to choose from.  Along with a Boss BBQ Smokers Rub Rack, Stubby Cooler, Bottle Opener, Inkbird Handheld Digital Probe & Basting Mop.


All rubs and sauces made by great Aussie businesses.



1x Boss BBQ Smokers Rub Rack

2x Sabarac Sauces of Choice

2x Moonshine Rubs of Choice

3x Underground Condiments Rubs

1x Alpine Sauce Co Memphis Style BBQ Sauce

2x BBQ Mafia Rub of Choice

1x BBQ Mafia Wiseguys Grill Ketchup

1x BBQ Mafia Mobster BBQ Sauce

1x Boss Stubby Cooler

1x Boss Bottle Opener

1x Basting Mop

1x Inkbird Handheld Digital Probe


$252 value on sale for $200 + shipping

Mega Gift Pack

$252.00 Regular Price
$200.00Sale Price
Choice of 1st Sabarac Sauce
Choice of 2nd Sabarac Sauce
Choice of 1st Moonshine Rub
Choice of 2nd Moonshine Rub
Choice of 1st BBQ Mafia Rub
Choice of 2nd BBQ Mafia Rub

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